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20 August

EarSighted launched!   Monday, August 20, 2012

Posted by : Ryan Clark
We are pleased to announce the launch of EarSighted, a free visual to auditory sensory substitution training program.

EarSighted is based on “The vOICe”, a visual to auditory sensory substitution system created by Peter Meijer. Using The vOICe, blind and visually impaired users have been able to experience a kind of “sight”…
17 April

What is Sensory Substitution?   Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Posted by : Ryan Clark
Circuit Thumbprint
Sensory substitution can be described as the attempt to evoke the feel of one sensory modality by stimulating the sensory apparatus of another. The classic example is Bach-y-Rita’s work on tactile-visual sensory substitution, published in 1969. Something akin to the feeling of sight was generated through a grid of 20×20 vibrating solenoids, contacting a subject’s skin.